Summer Shenanigans

Let’s just say so much has played out since I last posted. Well. Last December we found out we were pregnant, only to find out a month later that we miscarriage. (We have recovered. It just was not in God’s plan!) I buried myself in my new job and a new exercise routine So we decided to plan a vacation to Sandals, only to later include our friends. Well, no more Sandals and HELLO BALI 2020! So let the planning began, until we had to get a new CPU. Well, only to be stopped in our tracks with the spring coming to an end and the summer shenanigans to begin. You thought that soon 20 plus hours of sunlight was a good thing coming, ha, think again. You will still need Vitamin D supplements, blackout curtains in ALL ROOMS, OH AND LIKE 3 AC UNITS. Oh and the so-called creatures of God called bees and mosquitoes here, are HUGE! I mean why do all the bees look like the queen Bee?! Welp morning walks it will be to avoid the crazy buzz. The big break came when my boss passed away and the household soon after increased to feeding now 5 mouths of all testosterone in the house. And just like that, in the mist of the storm, we get a BFP, in other words.. we are pregnant again. Now that’s God’s will.

The Lord so works in mysterious ways and has a great sense of humor. Why you ask, oh get you lemonade and fans for this one. This summer has now been recorded the hottest summer since the late 1920 and 1970s, of 90 degrees. Oh you think that’s nothing, well hold your breath, better yet get a N95 mask, you will surely need it here. Welp, with Alaska getting hotter than normal, started to cause forest fires, causes acres and acres of trees and land to catch on fire. Now, according to national geographic of Alaska a few forest fires is actually apart of the history of Alaska. However, not this widespread. So with the abnormal amounts of forest fires, only bought us to our next challenge. You know it. Smokey, smoke… in the house oh yea and poor, poor air quality. Who would have thought my asthmatic, sick and premature pregnant behind would be masked up in the only room of the with an AC unit on the hot summer days in bed😔. Let’s just say that this concoction makes me dread for the summer to soon end. Ohhhh to add, once this shenanigans ends, school shenanigans will begin. Oh, by the way we both will be in our masters program….

To be continued.

Shocking..I know

Static is realllllll…. in our clothes lately. I mean the clinginess and the sparks. Ohhhmgg…zap..ouch! Like with. Honestly I think this is the first time in a long time that I have have experienced static in our clothes. Poor husband, he goes to work and comes back so frustrated bc of how staticky( I know a made a word…it should be in the dictionary tho) he was. So about a few years ago we stopped using dryer sheets..and replaced it with wool balls. I am always using natural oils and things to clean the house with. So I thought why not on the wool balls. Well it sure worked out for us on the east coast. But over here in the farthest north west side…not so much. Let’s just say I had to go a bit old school. I remember my great grandmother(who is still rather alive) use to use safety pins and aluminum foil balls when dryers finally came popular. I just pinned a few safety pins to a few wool balls and about 2 or 3 aluminum foil balls in each load…And Wholla! NO MORE STATIC=HAPPY HUSBAND! It didnt occur to me the effect on how dry the air in Alaska was on clothes as well. First humidifiers, now aluminum foil balls. Just a great recipe for static clothes. What a shocker.


Earthquake!! Yes you read right. We just experienced a magnitude of 7.0 earthquake today! Granted where we are located we didnt experience the severity of it like south central Anchorage but we definitely felt our share of it. Just a fact check the biggest earthquake that hit Alaska was back in March of 1964. That was a magnitude of 9.2. I couldn’t imagine. I was in the bed with our 15 month when I felt this boat like motion of the bed going left and right. It happened for about two minutes. Let’s just say I thought I was dreaming, only to wake up thinking my husband was shaking me. To my surprise when I noticed he wasn’t there, I just held and covered my baby tight until it stopped. What a wave ride in the bed, I tell ya. As of course the damage done in Anchorage definitely affects us as well especially when it comes to main roads being damaged that carry up our food supplies. Costco’s grand opening could not have had a better time for coming to Fairbanks I tell ya. But according to the natives and locals I know, they say technically earthquakes are very common in this state, more so in the south region. Well now we have two plans of readiness and evacuation plans that we have to be aware of. Good ol Alaska!

Oh the weather outside is…. SNOW!!!

Well finally Alaska got some snow! Yes, as a mother with children, I think I am just as excited as the kids are for them to go and play in the snow. So coming to Alaska, the things they dont tell us military spouse are these weather conditions and how to function. So if you ask any local and Native Alaskan, they will tell you it gets cold but after about 20 or 30  below zero you will fill no differences. Say whhaatt! The coldest temperature recorded in Alaska was 80 below zero! And you telling me I will not feel a difference? Well we shall see how this winter goes, I will be the judge of that. Okay back to the collection of facts I have gather for the new comer military spouses coming to the interior part of Alaska. When it gets cold you will see the kids all bundled up with joy playing in the snow. When it gets around 20 below zero, nobody will be outside. A few reasons why, with the weather being dry here it becomes harder to breath, causing chest and lung pains. So don’t take any deep breaths. Also, you could possibly experience icicle nose hairs at 20 below zero or colder. Anytime its zero degrees, always wear gloves to prevent frostbite. Oh and whatever you Do NOT TOUCH ANYTHING METAL with your bare hands! Many locals and native Alaskans say that this weather is a different beast of cold to deal with regardless of those who have dealt with snow, ice or cold. When it comes to “winterizing” your vehicle, it’s highly recommended that you do it sooner rather than later (more to come in detail). As long as you have the proper gear for the cold weather you should be copacetic.

Oh Alaska…

Finally, after the dust starts to settle I can finally be frank and “writ on the fence”. We are in freakin’ Alaska!!! The Last Frontier as you might know it. If you don’t know, now ya know! First, I suppose a location might be helpful here. We are currently stationed at Eielson AFB, the interior part of Alaska. Surprisingly it is not snowing yet. Coming from the east coast, I am not quit sure what to expect but hey, that’s what this blog is for, to tell you all about it. Of course we go where the military sends us, so I hope this part of my blog helps those in the future that come are well prepared and knowledgeable about this beautiful place. I’m sure you are thinking, “I can just google half this stuff anyway.” Be my guest, please let me know what you find. Not much of anything, right? Dated, huh? Granted there are some friendly people who tried to explain the lifestyle of Alaska to others but not so much for us military families. Some things have not changed, but a whole lot will be changing. But before I talk about the future, let me first mention some history of this base.

Since Fort Wainwright( formerly Ladd Field) was an Army Air Forces installation, arrived in 1939, I will give our military branch family some credit here. Wayyyyy back in the war years of 1941, Japanese planes had attacked the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor. Per President Roosevelt this was “a date which will live in infamy”. With the need of defending Alaska, this caused a standstill to aircraft testing operations at Fort Wainwright. Short of a year later, testing resumed and became the core for fighter and bombers. With the dangers of the winter weathers and flying long ranges without running out of fuel, Officials decided to build an airfield  called ” Mile 26″ closer to support Fort Wainwright in 1943. The Air Force gained its independence from the Army when President Truman signed the National Security Act in 1947.  In 1948, Airfield “Mile 26” was  soon named Eielson AFB, in honor of Carl Ben Eielson. Soon after the end of the Cold War, the need for the Eielson AFB services and role it played was condensed in the 1990’s. So this is reason why you might hear rumors going around about the base “possibly shutting down” or “downsizing”.

To fly fast forward (ha say that 5 times fast) to the present already, Eielson today is on the up and UP! Within the next couple of years Eielson, North Pole, and Fairbanks is about to be booming!Ha and yes I said the North Pole, more to come on that later.  See Eielson is located at its best for faster response times to Europe, than any East or West coast can. Not only is Eielson home to the Air Forces Red Flag exercises and F-16s but soon to be home to the F-35s! Say whattt!

Eielson sign




Welcome All!

Well, Sugar Honey Ice Tea! Welcome to my blog. I am a mother and military spouse. Go USAF! I will try to be short and sweet hear. I love to travel and be with my family and explore new things. I hope that my blog brings light, inspiration, laughter and some darn good factual information.